"Strengthening Families, One Unit At A Time"
2013 Recipient of Drew Brees Service Challenge
Share A Basket Foundation founded in 1997 provides comprehensive community programs, services and events for women who have been sexually assaulted and battered.

 Support, Teaching, Empowerment, and Prayer (S.T.E.P.).

          Deborah Oliver, serves as both the Executive Director and CEO, and is dedicated to helping families heal from the horrible effects of domestic violence and sexual assault. 
Share A Basket was birthed through a difficult time in Ms. Oliver's life. It was a time of abandonment, dealing with a failed marriage, being stalked, being a victim of domestic violence, being raped, and suffering from extreme bouts of clinical depression which led her to contemplating suicide on many occasions. Overcoming these experiences and adversities has allowed Ms. Oliver to realize her desire to share these experiences with others, to inform women and their families that they are not alone and they can overcome their experiences too.

SABF is dedicated to Strengthening the Family Unit, 
One Family at a Time!