"Strengthening Families, One Unit At A Time"
2013 Recipient of Drew Brees Service Challenge
                  Each year, SABF helps victims and their children build safe and productive lives by offering a range of high quality services to meet their complex needs. These services include ministry, social services, educational outreach, and economic stability services. Sanctuary also works to end domestic violence and its far-reaching impact through outreach, education, and advocacy. Moreover, due to the expansion of community needs we also offer community initiatives that serve the elderly and teen population within the community.

Our Guiding Principles:

•Meeting the multiple needs of the diverse populations of domestic violence victims in the 
 Greater New Orleans area.

•Offering the range of services that will best produce safety, healing, independence, and economic stability for   the people who seek our assistance.

•Providing programming and ministry tools that focuses on support, encouragement, and resources to women    and their families who has suffered domestic abuse and hardships, so that they can thrive in the future.

•Actively identifying each individual's needs, determining which services will 
best address those needs, and ensuring that  each client can access such
 services whether internally at SABF or through collaborations with or referrals 
to other service providers.

•Actively leveraging resources through volunteers, donating goods and services,
 and professional pro bono assistance where appropriate or available.

•Raising public awareness of domestic violence and the needs of domestic violence victims in local 
 communities and in the general public as well as identifying underserved domestic violence victims
 and educating them about the nature of domestic violence and the availability of services.

•Focusing our services and our outreach efforts on the prevention of domestic violence and on 
  breaking the cycle for future generations.

•To strengthen the elderly and teen community through support services and resources.

Share A Basket Foundation's mission is to promote, educate, motivate and assist families with the tools necessary to overcome adversity and rebuild the family infrastructure through 
S.T.E.P. Support, Teaching, Empowerment and Prayer.